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Michael provides the following services


I believe that your wedding day is one of the most memorable days in your life and it is one that you will want to look back on with nothing but fond memories and as your celebrant I see my role is to assist you in making those memories a reality. Working with my couples I look to develop a ceremony that meets their needs and reflects their thoughts on marriage and the commitment that they are about to make to each other.
Having completed many ceremonies I am able to provide couples with samples and suggestions that can be used to customise their ceremony. On the day I ensure that not only are the legal requirements of the ceremony are met but that the ceremony has the appropriate levels of dignity and meaning that will make your wedding truly memorable. 


Naming ceremonies are increasing being used to mark the coming of a child into a family. Given that they usually involve young children the ceremony tends to be less formal but still allows the parents to celebrate with family and friends the latest addition to their family. Many naming ceremonies are conducted at a home or alternatively at a local park or similar type of venue. 


Couples use reaffirmation ceremonies as an opportunity to renew their commitment to each other through the re-exchange of vows. The couple are able to either re-create their original ceremony or are able to create a new ceremony that reflects their current situation and life. Many couples also take the opportunity to involve either their own children or other family members in the ceremony so that the entire family are involved in the celebration of their marriage.


A Commitment ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the unity of loved ones, lifelong partners and soul mates. The format of this ceremony can be similar to that of a wedding ceremony but it currently does not have the same legal standing as a marriage. A commitment ceremony is a meaningful and heartfelt occasions that allows couples to share their union with family and friends.


A funeral is a special ceremony and important rite of passage. It is not only an occasion where we can experience a great sense of loss but also an occasion when we get to reflect on the life of a loved one. It is important that the ceremony is conducted in a respectful manner so that the tributes and the reflections are provided in a balanced and reverent manner. The ceremony will be highly personalised to provide a portrait of our loved one and will respectfully honour the deceased by allowing us to share in the relationship we had with them.